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Koh Kong

The Wild West​

Koh Kong Province is located in the southwest of Cambodia, adjacent to Trat Province, Thailand, and the border is connected by land ports. Koh Kong is called the Wild West because the territory is vast and sparsely populated with intact tropical rainforest vegetation, wildlife reserves, and a 50,000-hectare mangrove wetland ecosystem, which is a rare biodiversity in Southeast Asia. area. So far, the tourists who have visited Koh Kong are mainly European and American backpackers, and there are few Chinese tourists. Most of the tourists who come to Koh Kong are after their trip to Thailand and take a bus from Pattaya or Bangkok. Trat province to continue their trip to Cambodia. Ge Gong is very small, and there are not as many bustling crowds as Angkor and Sihanoukville. There are not many tourist reception facilities, and the accommodation price is relatively cheap, but there are not many restaurants for foreigners to eat. 

Along the Cardamom Mountains and the Gulf of Thailand, the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor, the Ping Kwasuo Mangrove Reserve, and Koh Kong Island, especially the latter two places, still maintain the most primitive natural features on the earth, the Ping Kwasuo mangrove forest. The area is located at the estuary of the Kobo River, along both sides of the river to both sides of the estuary, exploring by boat, the blue sea and blue sky stretch as far as the eye can see, the forest floating on the sea is divided by sea water, criss-crossed. The waterway is hidden in a green ocean like a labyrinth. This is the most beautiful natural picture given to mankind by the creator. It is quiet, magical, pure and dreamlike. In the post-industrialization and information age, we are still so primitive for the earth. Inaccessible, the real and the illusory fairyland on earth is fortunate. This magical plant reproduces by viviparity and has a breathing root system. It is a spiritual creature and can effectively resist tsunamis. When the sea is high tide, the tide flows inland along the Kopo River. When the tide is low, the river water Flowing to the estuary, the intertwined roots of mangroves are exposed to the water at low tide. The lush marine jungle here is the habitat of many creatures. Various fish, black mud crabs, and birds thrive here. It will take 1-2 days to explore the mangroves. Rent a fishing boat and a local guide and set off along the river channel that stretches on both sides of the Kobo River estuary. beautiful.


In addition to mangrove exploration, another attraction in Koh Kong is Koh Kong Island. This is the largest island in Cambodia. It has not yet been developed. It has beautiful coasts and delicate and white sandy beaches. To go to Koh Kong Island, if you take a fishing boat, it generally takes 2-3 Hours, there are no decent reception facilities on the island, and ecological exploration lovers who have a soft spot for nature must not miss it. The distance between Phnom Penh and Koh Kong is 280 kilometers, half of which are mountain roads, which are rugged and steep, but the basic road conditions are good, but it will take at least 7 hours to reach...

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