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Kep Town

Kep Story​

Kep is located on the southeast coast of Cambodia, on the border of Cambodia and Vietnam, and is a famous holiday destination. Surrounded by the sea on three sides and with a pleasant climate, Kep is famous for producing peppers and blue-footed crabs, of which Kampot pepper is a world geographical indication product. The small town of Kep is backed by green mountains and faces the sea. National parks, pepper farms, islands, mangroves, crab markets, European communities, and seaside resorts have jointly shaped the character of Kep. Every place is the essence of Kep. Kep is a perfect combination of oriental pastoral life and European manor culture, and a chance encounter between Tang poetry and red wine.

Kep is quiet and tranquil, low-key and introverted, suitable for small living and long-term living. There is a ring road in the middle of the mountain of Kep National Park, which is suitable for hiking. There are pepper farms around for visiting, while the surrounding sea is suitable for cycling. It is 4 kilometers away from Kep due to the southern sea area, which is the most famous Rabbit Island scenic spot in the area. , thatched cottage, a utopian island kingdom. White Horse has sailing, kayaking and marine sports, yoga courses, meditation courses, and essential oil massage. There are also indispensable delicacies, Khmer-style pepper-roasted blue-footed crab, exquisite French cuisine, and beach buffet barbecue for gluttonous customers to feast on. Hakuba's itinerary can be as simple as a home, lying quietly in the hammock in front of the resort villa guest room, reading a book, or booking many courses to make it rich and full. If you choose a resort and stay for a while, you will definitely fall in love with the white horse. The introvertedness and gentleness of the white horse will make you selfish and cannot bear to share it with the outside world.

live in Kep​

Kep was a holiday place for French colonial officials during the colonial period. Those original French resorts were destroyed and looted during the Khmer Rouge era. Some of them have been restored in the past two decades, and new resort hotels have been built one after another. They are not big. There are several well-known resorts in the mangrove area along the coastline. Among them, JEFF, the owner of KNAI BANG CHATT Resort, is a Belgian businessman who likes antiques. He has French architecture and American business administration. With two master's degrees, JEFF has a special liking for White Horse. Twenty years ago, he bought the customs office in the French colonial period, and renovated the original building and transformed it into the current KNAI BANG CHATT  Resort with guest rooms. There are only more than 20 rooms in total. The furniture and furnishings of each room are different. Most of them are made of original wood or stone, which is full of retro style. Most of the interior decorations are antiques collected by him, including pottery. There are so many, the walls are painted with natural-colored mortar, and the color changes every six months. The resort is hidden among the green hazels and open to the blue waters. There is a swimming pool in the courtyard and a coffee shop near the sea. The quiet environment here allows those who come from the information society and work fast throughout the year to quickly calm down and listen to the waves. , reading, tasting coffee are the themes of the holidays... Knaipangcha will make you slow down and wait for the soul that is still far away. The resort offers meditation classes, yoga classes, ylang-ylang oil massage and other services. In-house guests can book at any time.

Kep Romance

The Sailing Club, just across the wall from Knai Bang Chatt, is another JEFF property that offers kayaking lessons, sailing class  and bicycle rentals. Early morning is the best time for marine sports, and you can explore the surrounding mangroves by kayak , can also sail. The sailing club has 2 catamarans for rent, and friends who are interested in water sports can challenge this non-powered sailing sport. The innermost part of the club's yard is the Sailing club Restaurant. It is built on a pile foundation extending into the sea. There is a plank road next to it that leads directly to the sea. The restaurant is a lake-blue flat-roofed structure with terraces on all sides. The restaurant is lit with high lanterns at night, the sea breeze is blowing, the tree shadows are swaying, a bit like Nice and Cannes in France, with a Mediterranean style. Western-style Khmer dishes, large portions, a main course with a beer or drink is enough.

The SamaneaVilla Resort, which is on the same coast as Knai Bang Chatt Resort and about 1 km away, consists of 12 individual villas and a wild mangrove area. The tourist trestle over 500 meters extends all the way to the depths of the sea, and there is a wide landscape platform at the end of the trestle. , in the distance is the rolling Bokor Mountain, and behind it is the verdant Baima Mountain National Park. This beautiful scenery is very suitable for wedding photography. Landscape fish ponds, swimming pools, and restaurants are arranged in the central area. The vast sea is sparkling, the sun sets, and the fishing boats sing late. Sometimes the situation changes, the tide rises sharply, and violent storms come unexpectedly. Rainforest Villa is a resort, but also a private estate. The restaurant offers authentic French cuisine and candlelit barbecue dinners by the sea, suitable for honeymoons, vacations, parties. The rainforest villa entrance is very small, making it more understated and private. Knaipangcha and Rainforest Villas may be too extravagant, with room prices above $160. For medium budget tourists, you can check out Rainsai, Blue kep, Tara Lodge, Seaview Bunglow, Kep Lodge Massada Resort these small resorts, the price The more affordable ones are usually between $30-60. These resorts are run by French people. Most of the owners are husband and wife. They are very enthusiastic. It's rare for a big restaurant to be this good.

life perception in Kep

When we came to Kep, we inadvertently broke into the idyllic life in Kep operated by the French with the historical complex of the colonial era. Enjoying continental breakfast, coffee, swimming pools, and beaches, we couldn't help but miss the countryside in our Tang Dynasty. Life, now we only have poetry, the distance now belongs to others. Really, I always hate that there is no place for spring to return, and I don’t know where to turn. Kep is famous for its blue-footed crab and pepper, so when you come to Kep, you must go to the local restaurant in the crab market to taste the first local dish, pepper-fried crab, otherwise it is considered that you have never really been to kep. Kep Beach, National Park, Rabbit Island, and Pepper Farm are important experiences of rural life that should not be missed. There is no glitz and hustle and bustle of the city, 

Kep has the oriental elegance of Suzhou gardens and the aristocratic atmosphere of a French manor. Hawking said that time will bend in a specific space, and the ease and comfort of the mind will make you feel that the kep's journey is too short. Kep's vacation can be as simple as a home, lying quietly in the hammock in front of the resort villa and reading a book, or booking many courses to make it rich and full. 

Kep is 168 kilometers away from the capital Phnom Penh. It takes 3 hours to drive directly to Kep along the No. 3 highway. There are buses to and from Phnom Penh every day , and private taxis can also be reached in Sihanoukville. If it is a bit far from Siem Reap to Kep, the drive will take more than 8 hours. Kep is only 24 kilometers from the Vietnamese border, and many tourists can cross the border from Ha Tien to reach Kep after their trips to Phu Quoc Island or Saigon in Vietnam. It is also possible to go to Vietnam after the end of the Kep tour.

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