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Siem Reap​

Siem Reap​

​Siem Reap is the seat of Angkor cultural heritage. It is located in the west of Cambodia with a population of 100,000. It is famous for Angkor monuments. It receives about 5 million international tourists every year. There are a large number of star-rated hotels and various cuisines. Open and inclusive Culture, rich and diverse entertainment, attract more and more tourists from all over the world. The large-scale temple complex and the exquisite stone carving art are breathtaking.

In addition to the cultural heritage sightseeing of Angkor, there are also rural tourism in the suburbs, sightseeing in Tonle Sap Lake, shopping in the old market, nightlife in the pub street, Khmer massage and other recreational projects. A trip to Angkor will be a colorful and charming journey for every tourist. During the peak tourist season, hundreds of flights arrive at Angkor from all over the world every day. This small town suddenly becomes very lively. The streets are full of traffic and bustling, and Angkor seems to have regained its former glory.


700 years ago, a famous king, King Jayevarman VII, brought the Angkor Dynasty to the peak of prosperity and development, and the glorious history of Angkor has become the eternal pride of the Khmer nation. Angkor fell silent for hundreds of years since its fall in 1431, but is now revived. The smile of King Jayavarman VII from 700 years ago was engraved on the face of the Erawan Buddha in Bayon Temple by the craftsmen of Angkor. This smile represents humility, kindness, tolerance and optimism, and has become a cultural symbol of the Khmer nation. If the trip to Angkor can bring some enlightenment to tourists, it is that everyone needs a smile like a buddha in their life, a humble and kind way of life, and a tolerant and optimistic attitude towards life.

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