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Wonders of the World Photography

Angkor is the ancient capital of Cambodia. Angkor is the largest temple complex in the world. From 802 AD to 1431 AD, the kings of the Angkor Dynasty built more than 600 temples, large and small, in the mid-15th century. , the Siamese invaded Angkor, the capital fell, the city was abandoned, and the temple was destroyed. It was not until the mid-19th century that it was rediscovered by French explorers, and this huge capital and temple complex was rediscovered. Since 1992, these temples have been successively It has been included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO (UNSECO) and has been restored and protected. Among them, the most famous Little Angkor Temple (also known as Angkor Wat) is listed as the Seven Wonders of the World together with the world-renowned buildings such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Great Wall! Today, we brought our camera and approached Angkor at zero distance. We pressed the shutter in front of the magnificent building and left the best memory for the unparalleled heritage here.

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