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Angkor Culture Exploration

Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat

Phnom Ba Keng

Bantey Srei

Ta Phnom​

Angkor History​

​Cambodia was founded in the early 1st century AD, established the capital in the early 9th century, and reached its peak in the 12th century. The kings of all dynasties built magnificent temples in the name of worshipping gods. These temples dedicated to Hindu gods have become the spiritual shelter of the Khmer nation. Place.....


In 1431, the Siamese captured Angkor, and the civilization was destroyed.


Since 1992, the temple buildings of the Angkor period have been included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. The construction period of the Angkor building complex has spanned 7 centuries. There are thousands of temples and it is the largest temple complex in the world. Among them, Little Angkor (also known as Angkor Wat) and the Great Wall, the Pyramids, and the ancient city of Rome are listed as the wonders of the world...


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