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Kampot is an important coastal town in southern Cambodia. It was the first stop of the French colonists' landing in Southeast Asia in the 19th century and an important port city. There is the famous Bokor Mountain National Park in the territory. The climate on the mountain is cool all year round and the air is humid. It was a summer resort for French colonial officials. Since the rise of Sihanoukville Port in the 1950s, Kampot's port status has declined, and the city has gradually receded from the hustle and bustle and returned to its simplicity and tranquility. Backpackers with historical complexes have followed the footsteps of explorers in the age of sailing from Europe, or traced the origin of colonial culture, or still love ecological exploration... Now Napoleon III's army has long gone , Ganzai River passes through the city, and there are French-style buildings that have experienced vicissitudes scattered along the river bank. Bougainvillea on both sides of the street is quietly blooming, quiet and peaceful, and a little lonely. Indeed, in the past, this city has experienced the enlightenment of Buddha and been baptized by Christ, and the romance of France has been combined with the calmness of Khmer. Kampot is like a cup of latte, with aroma, bitterness, nostalgia, and sadness. The beauty of Kampot needs to be savored by every visitor.

Explore Kampot​

There is a cruise ship company operating the exploration route along the Ganzai River by the river in the urban area of ​​Kampot. It stretches up and down along the river. There are pepper gardens, mango gardens, and durian gardens on both sides of the river. In the distance, there are rolling mountains of Bokor Mountain. A verdant green. Some eco-resorts are built along the river, mostly using natural building materials and natural colors to integrate with the surrounding environment. Although they were done by Europeans, they also reflect the Chinese Taoist philosophy of the unity of nature and man. The Dutch-built Villa Vedici (Vedasi Villa Resort) is a typical representative. It is an organic combination of pastoral scenery and manor culture. The European manor was directly transplanted into the beautiful natural scenery of Kampot. The resort also has water sports to participate in. Natural Bunglow is a mother and daughter from Canada. With their love for Cambodia's natural ecology, they built more than 10 cottages by the river, which are a bit like the residence of ancient Chinese hermits. There is only a muddy road connecting the outside, and it is difficult to even drive. arrive. Visiting here is really a bit of Liu Huangshu's feeling of visiting the cottage. Even in such a humble dwelling, the occupancy rate is still high during the dry season. Westerners are probably tired of modern secular life, come here to change their minds. The mountain resorts in Kampot are too scattered and not easy to find. No one can tell how many there are. Once you find it, it will be a completely different world when you walk in. You can appreciate the unique feelings of the owners and the country where they live. different culture. 

Kampot is a gathering place for NGOs and volunteers, one of which is a German NGO hospital, where a doctor has volunteered for 16 years, and its spirit is admirable. These NGOs and volunteers pay attention to all aspects of Cambodian society and people's livelihood, some provide vocational skills training for local people, some focus on AIDS prevention, some focus on ecological protection, and some support the employment of disabled people...if here Traveling and vacationing, you will often see them. If you take a boat down the Ganzai River from the urban area for about 7-8 kilometers, you can reach the mouth of the sea, and there is a lush mangrove ecosystem near the wide sea. Eco-lovers come here from time to time to explore. Mangrove sunset tours, kayaking, surfing and pepper farm hikes are all popular. Another important attraction in Kampot is the Bokor Mountain National Park, which was a place for officials during the colonial period to escape the summer. The old colonial buildings and churches on the top of the mountain have been abandoned, and the Soka Group has built a five-star hotel on the top of the mountain. And casinos are more popular with local tourists, and foreign tourists are relatively rare. Kampot is 160 kilometers away from Phnom Penh, 20 kilometers away from Baima, and 120 kilometers away from Westport. There are buses to Phnom Penh every day.

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