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Luxury Travel to Cambodia

Cambodia luxury travel life

Cambodia's beautiful natural scenery and diverse and rich cultural customs have attracted a group of luxury hotel brands to set up shop in Cambodia. These hotels provide excellent and excellent accommodation experience and unique itinerary for our visit to Cambodia. Among them, Song Sa Private Island, Phong Baitang Country Villa, Aman Angkor Hotel, Memorie Villas, Royal Sands Resort Koh Rong, Six Senses Hotel, Alila Hotel, etc. are the most distinctive. These hotels are endowed with different natural conditions, cultural backgrounds and unique characteristics. Business philosophy, service orientation, provide many options for your trip to Cambodia in terms of accommodation experience......

Song Saa Private Island

Songsa Private Island is located 40 kilometers southwest of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand. It was built by an Australian couple for two years. There are 26 villas on the island. Songsa offers chanting, meditation, yoga, spa, and massage. , scraping, marine life immersion, etc., to relax the body and heal the soul... Songsa is a space to escape for your soul

​Story of Song Saa Private Island

The founder --Rory and Melita Hunter)

Rory is an advertiser in Sydney. The two came to Phnom Penh to work together in 2005, mainly responsible for the renovation and sale of French colonial villas in Phnom Penh. The second year they came to Cambodia, they stumbled upon Koh Rong Island while they were sightseeing in Koh Rong Islands on a fishing boat, and spent two weeks exploring all the surrounding beaches and islands. The local fishermen, eager to return to land, casually asked the couple if they wanted to buy the entire island in disrepair. The couple who were ready to try their luck returned a week later with bags full of money. The local navy witnessed the adventure - $15,000 to buy.

The twin islands are called songsaa - "couple" in Khmer. The duo had planned to build a massive resort, but were affected by two crises: the global financial crisis, and Melita's cancer attack. While returning to Australia for treatment, the pair decided to downsize and decided that Melita would be the designer herself. This is also the charm of songsaa now, the hotel was built in 2012! After 7 years of continuous improvement (now the island is closed for a month in August every year to maintain the hotel and the surrounding environment), the resort has a beautiful design while still maintaining a rustic integration with the surrounding environment. and privacy, which a large, well-known resort might struggle to achieve.

The sandy beaches of the two islands are connected to the rainforest by a wooden bridge. One island was developed as a hotel, the other kept its original appearance. The entire hotel has a total of 27 villas, including 9 water houses. The room of the water house has an indoor area of ​​about 86 square meters and comes with an outdoor balcony with a wide view. The design of each villa is unique and artistic. At the same time, the hotel pool facilities pay great attention to privacy. Take a vacation with your lover without worrying about the discomfort caused by the crowd. Many building materials come from local nature or some recycled materials.

The hotel's restaurant, the restaurant mainly provides local Cambodian specialties and Western food. The ingredients in the restaurant are also very particular, and the ingredients come from the pure natural green vegetables grown in the Chef's Garden in the resort. The local chef in the resort will bring guests the most traditional Cambodian cooking and exquisite Western food. The main purpose of the chef's garden is to bring the most nutritious meals to the guests.

Most of the hotel staff are from the local village of Prek Svay. Songsaa has now set up a foundation to fund and arrange volunteer teachers to educate children in local villages (the local villages are very poor and few children could receive education before). The Songsaa Foundation teaches these children English and sponsors high-achieving children to go to college. After they graduate, they can choose to return to songsaa to work, and the hotel will give priority to hiring them.

Phum Baitang Resort

Located in the southwestern suburbs of Siem Reap, Phong Baitang Country Villa covers an area of 8 hectares (120 acres) with a total of 67 villas. It is invested and managed by the French luxury hotel brand ZNNINER Group. It opened in 2016. The harmonious coexistence of man and nature, the hotel building materials are all taken from nature, full of retro and nostalgic emotions.....

Phum Bai Tang Resort​

The perfect combination of Khmer architectural aesthetics ,rural pastoral scenery, European manor culture , extreme environmentalism

Extreme environmentalism and rural cultural complex drive the architects to place 46 villas on 8 hectares of rice and lemongrass farmland, so that Phum Baitang maintains the simplicity and authenticity of the Angkor countryside. In addition to sightseeing in Angkor cultural heritage, come to this retro country house, in a lounge made of a century-old house, you can taste Cuban cigars or bathe in the warm sunshine of the farmland with a cocktail. It feels time and space dislocation, as if back to the 19th century. Those from the industrial civilization and the information society who are busy with economic affairs all day, will be moved by the tranquil atmosphere and unique cultural temperament here, unconsciously slow down, soothe their hearts, savor and appreciate slowly. …

Chanel defines the olfactory temperament of French perfumes, while the architects of Pom Bai Tang have shaped the profound cultural connotation of the rustic look and feel of Angkor country villas. , and endow it with a noble manor temperament. With the help of folk collections, religious ceremonies, and the reproduction of historical and cultural elements, the architects try to establish a communication between history and reality in different countries, between different cultures, and between people and things. The bridge, 46 villas with different decoration styles, like 46 works of art, look forward to the experience and collection of every guest who will be staying...

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