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 Kep Holiday Tour

Kep Holiday Tour​

The fame of the Hollywood love classic "Roman Holiday" has made Rome a desirable place. Besides Rome, there is a little-known romantic capital, the small town of Kep. Kep is located on the southeast coast of Cambodia. Pepper farms, crab markets, national parks, mangroves, islands, fishing villages, and European communities have jointly shaped the character of Kep. Kep is the perfect combination of oriental pastoral life and European manor culture, a chance encounter between Tang poetry and red wine.....


Kep is quiet and tranquil, romantic and warm, simple and natural but noble in temperament, low-key but contains luxury. Along the foothills and coast of Kep National Park, there are hundreds of resorts and villas with different sentiments. These works are all from the hands of European designers, each of which is carefully crafted and is the essence of Kep. Numerous service items, courses and delicacies will make the journey of Kep full and fulfilling. If you choose a resort for a period of time, you will definitely fall in love with the white horse. The introvertedness and gentleness of the white horse will make you selfish, and you cannot bear to share it with the outside world.

Kep is romantic, because those who are romantic often take Kep as a travel destination. Maybe you and (him) her here unexpectedly, and perform an exotic love story. If you want to plan a vacation for your life, Kep is not to be missed...

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