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Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour Cambodia

Cambodia is located in the tropics, with a large number of lakes, rivers, mangrove wetland ecosystem reserves, 460 kilometers of coastline and coastal islands, etc. These places provide many natural fishing grounds for fishing enthusiasts, among which the southwestern Souko Mountains The Kopo River and the Gulf of Thailand are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The mouth of the Kopo River is the confluence of fresh and salt water, where a large number of fish and birds live. Suitable for lure fishing, boat fishing, etc. The main target fish are: sea wolf, sea bass, red snapper, white snapper, etc. The local climate is mild, the scenery is charming, and the air is fresh, which is suitable for both hunting and tourism. There are many islands in the coastal area suitable for boat fishing. The water is clear and the fish is dense, which is full of fishing interest.

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